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Business Plan and Strategic Support

  • We help our clients realise and fulfil their full potential by taking an active role in delivering new and innovative strategies. The team draws on its deep experience of the sector and extensive benchmarking capabilities to identify good practice from around the world. This helps clients to identify areas of focus for optimising or transforming the business.

Our Approach

  • Support covers all aspects of airport financial performance and strategy. This can take the form of:

    • Business plan forecasts (short and long-term).

      • Development of independent forecasts.

      • Review / challenge role for Management forecasts.

      • Scenario planning support.

    • Bespoke optimisation exercises on specific aspects of the business.

      • New route development.

      • Structuring aeronautical tariffs, incentives and airline deals.

      • Development of bespoke retail and car parking models;

      • Re-alignment of commercial offering to the traffic segmentation.

      • Review of cost base and targeting areas to improve efficiency.

    • Strategic reviews.

      • Strategic positioning of the airport e.g. identifying optimal balance between traffic volume and aeronautical yield.

      • Competitor analysis (competing local or hub airports) – catchment, traffic characteristics, airline mix, service proposition, cost of operating from airport.

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