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Traffic Forecasting

  • The business decisions made by our clients are centred around traffic projections. Altitude’s approach to traffic forecasting combines our in-depth sector knowledge with our strong analytical ability. This approach enables us to identify the key drivers in each respective market to deliver accurate forecasts.

Our Approach

  • Our advanced modelling capabilities allow us to appropriately analyse airport constraints, hub potential, competition between airports/airlines, modal competition, tourism and airline supply side issues. In addition, more traditional econometric demand modelling techniques are utilised. Increasingly, forecasts are tested against different environmental scenarios, reflecting – for example – the impact on traffic of different future carbon costs.

  •  The scope of our forecast services includes:

    • Short and long-term passenger and cargo forecasts;

    • Forecasts of potential new routes, including airline yields;

    • Peak period and design day modelling, including design day schedules; and

    • Secondary forecasts (e.g., car park occupation, nationality of passengers, aircraft fleet mix etc.); and

    • Scenario testing.

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