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Our Services

The Altitude team offers services encompassing a range of product areas. Whilst we focus on the highlighted service offerings, we always welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and will strive to provide the assistance you require.

Our key service offerings are:


These services are offered to aviation clients on a stand-alone basis. We also provide Transaction Support, integrating the different services offerings into a seamless, joined up proposition for clients.


End to end transaction support, fully integrating all the key business drivers

Transaction Support


Modelling the economic regulation framework and build in outperformance components.

Economic Regulation Modelling


Helping airports develop flexible capital plans, aligned with shareholder target returns.

Infrastructure Investment Appraisal


Developing and delivering appropriate and insightful strategies, enabling airports to realise the full business potential.

Business Plan & Strategic Support


Traffic projections are at the heart of business decisions for airports, airlines, investors and debt providers in the aviation sector.

Traffic Forecasting

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