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Transaction Support

  • We provide a one-stop transaction support service, fully integrating our specialist knowledge across traffic, financial and infrastructure issues.

  • Traffic forecasts and business plans that are fully aligned with the market environment and recognise the key interdependencies of the specific airport business model.

  • Traffic models feed the financial and infrastructure models to generate fully integrated EBITDA and capex forecasts.

Our Approach

  • A variety of business drivers are encapsulated within airport transactions, all of which require specialist knowledge and well-managed integration that we provide our clients throughout the transaction process.

  • We develop integrated traffic forecasts and business plans that are fully aligned with the market environment. We recognise the key interdependencies of the airport business model, ensuing that information supporting the transaction is relevant and timely.

  • Our approach is proven to be effective and, where possible, looks to build on its client relationships to perform an active role in the delivery of the investment strategy post-acquisition.

  •  Typical outputs provided during airport transactions include:

    • Detailed traffic forecasts by appropriate market segments;

    • Granular EBITDA forecasts broken down into the key components of aeronautical revenue, non- aeronautical revenue, and operating expenditure;

    • Capacity assessment of each airfield and terminal process to inform current and forecast infrastructure requirements.

    • Capital expenditure projections (expansion and asset renewals) required to support traffic growth.

    • Extensive scenario and sensitivity testing;

    • Close integration of our operating model outputs with the client's financial model; and

    • Fully documented assumptions books and due diligence reports.

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